Driving is your business. Making sure it stays that way is ours.

Becoming a Contract Carrier for us will change the way you think of Brokerage. With clear rates, fast payment and advance options, no need to factor your loads anymore, always having a somebody on your side when something doesn't go the way it should, that is our philosophy. 

MSB Advantages to you as our contract carrier

Know what you get paid No "less brokerage" deals. No rate discount when taking out fuel advances (fees apply). Unloading is always paid. So your pay is more predictable, and what in this industry is?

It does not take a month to get paid Normal pay terms are 1 week or less. After drop quick pay is available per Comdata (3% discount applies). Fuel advances up to 45% are discount free (less fees). 

Personal service from start to finish No more miss communications. Same person who handles your concerns, is dealing with the customers concerns and the warehouses concerns, so everything is tight knit. No answering service or massive call center, but your broker will answer the phone when you call, 24/7.

Benefits you can count on Referrals, bonuses and fuel benefits. Also the chance to do bigger loads with bigger profit to you.

Easy scheduling Just call or email a day or two in advance when your are ready to roll. We are doing the arrangements when loads are available. That makes scheduling easy and helps you plan your time with your family.

Schedule? Yes, if you want dedicated routes, every week or day, we will set you something up for you. 

Open door policy Come in and relax in our Houston office. Pick up your pay, lounge on the couch and have a cup of coffee. Free parking is available.

What it takes to drive for us

You Dependability, reliability, care and honesty are no fremdwort to you, than you are right here.

Motivation Be ready to work, and you will be rewarded. Not all loads are easy, even if most Brokers tell you they are. You will be compensated according to the workload you have to deal with to get the job done.

Equipment Have a 2000 or newer Reefer trailer. Please note that in order to haul high dollar loads, you'll likely need a newer model. Regular maintenance on the reefer unit is required. We also accept Van and Flat Bed carriers. Tractor choice is yours, if you have a shiny 1983 Peterbilt, use it. Just make sure it will meet our reliability requirements.

Location All our freight originates or destinates in Texas. In addition to pretty much every intrastate route available, we have routes to and from the Midwest and the West Coast. Areas of focus are Houston, DFW, San Antonio, Rio Grande Valley and the Texas Panhandle.

Ratings Of course, your Safestat should be in order.

See what our Drivers say about us


Mohammed W.

... MSB gives me the flexibility to spend more time with my family without having to suffer financially. Plus the fast payment structure helped me to get out of the fuel advance trap, saving me money to spend on things that matter to me - my family...


Driving for MSB since day one.


Jose G.

... almost doubled my income since working with MSB. 



Kenneth S.

... I enjoy that I can work on my own terms. Some weeks I run long hauls, some weeks I run back and forth between Fort Worth and Edinburg. That offers me enough me-time to enjoy my life a bit more...

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