Reduction of empty miles We have back loads lined up for every single load we do. Also, all multi-pick/drop loads are carefully planned according to the least amount of miles necessary to make the load happen.

Old vs. New  Newer equipment has a lower footprint. Better fuel consumption, less oil leaks, more reliable, so on. But it takes an enormous amount of energy to produce a new tractor - much more than the savings will be for at least 5 years. Our mission is to find the best of both worlds, helping or owner operators with older equipment to keep theirs running strong, and utilize modern equipment to its best potential. 

Latest mapping technology Though all our carriers choose to drive the route they feel most comfortable to reach their destination, we assist them with finding routes to avoid major traffic, construction and accidents. Incorporating software such as Inrix, Google Maps and PC Miler, as well as local traffic authorities, helps to reduce congestion, wasted fuel and time.

Rejected product assistance We help shippers to place their rejected product locally to the destination, lowering the foot print.

CO2 tracking We keep track of every mile and every pallet we haul. This data is transmitted annually to Smartway, which can be accessed at .

Safestat tracking We periodically check the Safestat of all our carriers. We do not load carriers with environmental violations.

Little things Or offices are powered by wind. We purchase CO2 offsets from Terrapass. We recycle. As said - little things.